Print Design
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  • Fire Poster Fire Poster Here Photoshop type effects are being used to create a typographic headline that represent the subject visually without relaying solely on images to carry the message.
  • Kid's Menu Kid's Menu This is a kid's menu that combines the use of vector and raster graphics to create a dynamic, fun, and trend setting fare. It lists meal choices and incorporates illustrated characters as well as a variety of activities and games to make the child's experience unforgettable.
  • D.C. Mini Book D.C. Mini Book Steps of a Nation is a book dedicated to the beauty and history that is Washington, D.C. It is a fully developed layout that successfully uses cohesive typography and imagery and results in a strong communicative print piece.
  • DogOn Brochure DogOn Brochure This is a 6 page, large-scale, consumer brochure to promote DogOn, a new cable nation wide channel that focuses on man's best friend, the pooch. The focus of this brochure is to get the television-viewing public to watch featured programs on this new channel.
  • Benched Magazine Benched Benched is a new fully conceptualized sporting magazine dedicated solely to the sport of college football.
  • FHP&R Magazine FHP&R Magazine FHP&R is a quarterly DoD authorized health magazine that reaches out to our service members and their families. It has won two major graphic design awards and continues to grow in readership. The design was completed while working for Vangent Inc. under their DoD authorized Force Health Protection and Readiness contract. This magazine was designed by the FHP&R Design Team.
  • Fire Poster
  • Kid's Menu
  • D.C. Mini Book
  • DogOn Brochure
  • Benched Magazine
  • FHP&R Magazine
Web Design
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  • Fire Poster
  • Kid's Menu
  • D.C. Mini Book
  • Dog-On Brochure
  • Benched Magazine
  • FHP&R Magazine
Interior Design
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  • Day Spa Serenity Day Spa The vitality of Latin America blends with the serenity of eastern philosophy in this upscale day spa retreat devoted to health and beauty. "Serenity" has become a sanctuary over physical and spiritual well being through its image and a functional floor plan to achieve the desired ambiance with the selection of interior furniture and finishes.
  • Artist Apartment Artist Apartment Natural Lighting in combination with a monochromatic color scheme consisting of yellows and browns will create a warm feeling in the apartment. High ceilings, modern art and furniture, combined with exposed heating ducts, beams, trusses and columns that become part of the décor, work with this split level lounge and open-plan kitchen to maintain a modern space.
  • Dorm Scholarship Dorm The architecture of this scholarship hall has a sensible layout to hold 20 students and is designed with contemporary and modern clean, cut lines and geometric shapes as well as added heights to parts of the structure. The interior ornamentation, as well as the fabrics and the furniture upholstered with colors, such as orange, red and purple reflect the trendy style of the college students. The suite walls are a deep sage, in order to promote a relaxing environment for studying.
  • Bank Bank of the Future Universal Fusion Finance is a bank designed with the future in mind, molding together the stock market, a bank, investment opportunities and the Internet. The interior reflects the energy of the bank through innovative designs using the colors of the globe, products created from earth-friendly material, high-tech multimedia to meet customer needs, and large windows surrounding the front of the bank to let in the bright Miami sun.
  • VS Headquarters Corporate Office The concept behind the design for the corporate offices of the internationally renowned designer, Victoria's Secret will fully encompass what gave the company its start, the female figure. Like the overall brand, the office is developed with an elegant but edgy feel, and the space includes many modern features, such as in its furniture selection, while also keeping a traditional and sophisticated style.
  • Onyx Hotel Onyx Hotel This luxurious space can be described as weird and witty, while the mainly black and white interior combined with innovative and chic designs and original art open the imagination and take the customer into a new world. Spacious lounges for gathering surround the grand staircase, the Lava Lounge and the 5 star White Opal and give the customer a whole new experience.
  • Day Spa
  • Artist Apartment
  • Dorm
  • Bank
  • VS Headquarters
  • Onyx Hotel
About Me
What makes me unique

As a child I spent countless hours rearranging the furniture in our family home and doodling on every blank surface, with lipstick being my chosen medium for decorating the walls. No matter how much my parents were infuriated by my antics, I did not stop. I could not stop. This passion for drawing and visual expression has been a part of me long before I ever became aware of the many facets of design.

My first real exposure to design occurred while working on the yearbook during my junior year of high school. From the very first day of class, I completely immersed myself into the day-to-day productions and spent countless nights at school making sure every layout, graphic, and picture was in its proper place.

This affection for perfection in design followed me to Florida State University,

where I studied Interior Design. As I worked through my major, I always concentrated my efforts toward perfecting logos, graphics, renderings, and layouts for each of my projects. My love for design and desire to reach my full potential led me to take several art and computer art classes before graduating, in 2006, with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.

Upon graduation, I went to work as an Interior Designer in Naples, Florida. The experience was rewarding and I particularly enjoyed specifying products and developing finished spaces. A natural talent for spacial organization and graphic presentation became apparent during this time. A fellow employee suggested I consider pursuing a career in Graphic Design which lead me to Savannah College of Art and Design. For me, the rest is design history.

I have been diligently designing since 1999 and have acquired technical expertise in programs that include Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, AutoCAD, AutoDESK Viz, and similar software programs. This provides me with and abundance of tools to express my innate interest and love for design.

Currently I'm based in the Washington D.C. metro area (specifically Fairfax County). Designing isn't a nine-to-five job—it's a passion. I know that I have found my true calling.

my work is my brand

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